Judging criteria - National Cat Awards

Judging of finalists for Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards, once again sponsored by PURINA®, will take place according to the following criteria:

  • Hero Cat - entries will be judged on whether the cat has performed an act, or a number of acts, which have immediately and positively impacted a human being’s welfare, saving them from illness, injury, trauma or death
  • Furr-ever Friends – entries will be judged on how a cat has enhanced a child’s ability to cope with life’s challenges (children aged 16 years and under)
  • Most Caring Cat - entries will be judged on the nature of the human’s physical illness, mental illness or learning disability, as well as its severity, and how the emotional support provided by the cat has helped the human in a definable way
  • Outstanding Rescue Cat - entries will be judged on whether the cat has demonstrated any of the things covered in the Hero Cat, Furr-ever Friends or Most Caring Cat categories, but was adopted from an animal rescue organisation
  • Purina® Better Together - entries will be judged on the strength of the relationship between the cat and the human along with the positive things they have done for each other

The selection of finalists will be carried out by a panel of judges from Cats Protection and Purina® and will include at least one judge that is independent of either organisation to ensure the process is carried out fairly.

Cat loving celebrities will be appointed to select the winner of the Hero Cat, Furr-ever Friends, Most Caring Cat and Outstanding Rescue Cat categories. The winner of the Purina® Better Together award will be selected by public vote on www.cats.org.uk

An overall National Cat of the Year will be selected from the winners of the five categories by a panel of past National Cat Awards celebrity judges.

All winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Thursday 2 August 2018.

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